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Awarded: "Ernst" composition commission to Benjamin Scheuer

The Ernst Krenek Institute Private Foundation has awarded the "Ernst" composition commission for the third time –

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Open House Day at the University / Krems, 2 October

The Ernst Krenek Institute is located in the historic premises of the Danube University Krems.

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Forum Spectacle 1: "Ernst Krenek and English Modernism" / Krems, 17 October

With a concert by the Berlin Oboe Quartet, the Ernst Krenek Forum initiates a series of concerts in which Krenek’s works are placed in stimulating contexts:

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With Krenek in the Waiting Rooms: Festival in Gare du Nord / Basel, 1 Oct.–28 Nov.

The Basel festival "In Eternal Waiting Rooms: Ernst Krenek’s Life Journey through the Musical Kaleidoscope" attempts a comprehensive presentation of the artist both as a man of letters as well as a composer.

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