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Night of the Kremsians at Ernst Krenek Forum / Krems, 15 April

The Night of the Kremsians is to take place for the seventh time and invites you to visit the institutions of Krems’ Art Mile. The Ernst Krenek Forum in the Minoritenkloster, too, is again participating!

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Long Night of Research / Krems, 22 April

What is and for what purposed does one actually need an (Ernst Krenek) archive? Doing research in the legacy of a twentieth-century composer can be both exciting and unsettling.

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Exhibition Opening: “I dreamt of the rolling train” / Rostock, 29 April

On 29 April 2015 at 6 p.m., the Ernst Krenek touring exhibition “I dreamt of the rolling train” is to open in the cloisters of the Rostock College of Music and Theater (CMT).

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Vienna Festival: Krenek’s „Lamentatio Jeremiæ Prophetæ“ / Vienna, 5 June

In the style of Luigi Nono’s "Guai ai gelidi mostri", outstanding performers will contrast, under the title “Wehe den eiskalten Ungeheuern” [Woe to the ice-cold monsters], utopian art with the current presence of might and power on two evenings in Vienna’s Konzerthaus.


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