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Music Education: “On the road” / 12 June

In the one-week workshop "On the road", the successful composer Manuela Kerer and the music educator Veronika Grossberger devote themselves musically to the different forms of travel, be it by train, ship, or on foot.


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Music and Culinary Art: “Travel Book” in Looshaus, Payerbach / 16 June

Brücken 15 Festival invites you to a Dinner of Sound in Looshaus.

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A Look Back: Scott Cuellar’s European Debut

On 22 May, the American pianist Scott Cuellar, prizewinner of the Virginia Waring International Piano Competition in California and of the simultaneously awarded Ernst Krenek Prize, gave his European debut in Vienna’s Konzerthaus with works by Ernst Krenek, Beethoven, and Bach.

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A Look Back: „Tarquin“ in Berlin and „Kehraus um St. Stephan“ in Giessen

Two successful productions of music theater works by Ernst Krenek had their debuts in German theaters.

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