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Following Mozart’s and Krenek’s trail in Krems: the Köchel Promenade

On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, the Ludwig Ritter von Köchel Society, which organizes concerts in Krems on a regular basis, has designated twenty musically significant buildings, courtyards, and squares as stations on the Köchel Promenade.

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Krenek in the countryside: Bad Schallerbach and Ossiach

From one end of the country to the other, the summer festivals are opening their doors and a number of them have music by Ernst Krenek on the program.

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CD New Release with First Recordings

The Ukrainian pianist Stanislav Khristenko has released the first CD of the planned complete recording of Krenek’s piano works on the Toccata Classic label.

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Music Education: “On the road” / 12 June

In the one-week workshop "On the road", the successful composer Manuela Kerer and the music educator Veronika Grossberger devote themselves musically to the different forms of travel, be it by train, ship, or on foot.


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