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The Music Education Program

The Ernst Krenek Forum was not only conceived as a presentation space for Ernst Krenek’s creative work; it is just as much a lively platform for twentieth and twenty-first century music. And that is no coincidence: throughout the course of his life, composer Ernst Krenek crystallized into an outstanding and especially unconventional music teacher who stood behind his students with commitment and verve.

What’s more, in terms of his style, composer Ernst Krenek was always in tune with the times, and upheld this spirited interest in music throughout his entire life. It is this special quality, among other things, that makes it important to carry on Krenek’s legacy.


On the one hand, this program aims to give a better understanding of the composers of this day and age, which is why the focus is on addressing basic questions, such as: “What does a contemporary composer do nowadays? What elements does a composer use in her/his work?” On the other hand, the program seeks to convey the life and work of Ernst Krenek in a holistic manner: the program aims to embed Krenek’s creative work and life in the socio-political upheavals throughout the (music) history of the twentieth century.