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The Ernst Krenek Forum in Krems is the window to the public that represents the complex and comprehensive legacy of Ernst Krenek’s artistic work. The ancient walls of the Minorite monastery in Krems now also house the Ernst Krenek Forum, an interdisciplinary, multimedia, open music venue. It also serves as a point of intersection for several music networks. It is a historical place that has strong roots in contemporary cultural life and also points toward the future.

In order to make this exceptionally versatile composer’s spirit and comprehensive body of work accessible to a larger public, the Krenek Forum hosts symposia, workshops, and seminars. It functions as a center for concerts, exhibitions, research, creative work, and a lively place for encountering others.

The Forum offers a wide range of visitors—from researchers to promoters to music enthusiasts—a great variety of approaches to discover and experience Ernst Krenek’s intellectual and artistic cosmos, which developed alongside a host of major cornerstones of social, political, and music history of the last century.

The endeavor of the Forum is more than presenting Krenek's life and work: it also seeks to convey music through his methods of teaching. The educational projects are geared toward children, youth, and music enthusiasts of all ages.

Krenek’s world of ideas is largely communicated on the basis of the estate that the artist, who passed away in 1991, left behind. This collection received a new home at the Ernst Krenek Institute in Krems in 2004. Since then, Krenek’s estate has been systematically archived, edited, and scientifically processed.

The Ernst Krenek Forum not only focuses on the life and work of Ernst Krenek (born in 1900); it also takes his work as the point of departure for various journeys into the world of music. Tracing the lines of Krenek’s career and life also means unraveling and highlighting the entire music history of the twentieth century, and sparking a keen curiosity for contemporary music today.

Ernst Krenek Forum
Minoritenplatz 4
3500 Krems-Stein

Opening hours:
daily 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.