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Podcast “100 Years of the Republic”

Between worlds. One decade (1925-1935) from the viewpoint of composer Ernst Krenek



Under the motto “100 Years of the Republic” the students of the 7b BG Korneuburg immersed themselves into the world of Austria between the two World Wars, from the perspective of composer Ernst Krenek, and created a podcast.

The students researched Krenek’s autobiography and other sources, such as a selection of daily Austrian newspapers between 1924 and 1938. Their task was to convey some quotations into our time and in a contemporary style, like the use of Twitter. The task was also to present the situation from their own perspective. The field recordings were developed in association with the different thematic blocks. In addition, the musical examination of the twelve-tone music can be heard.

The project took place as part of “Debating History Together. Youngsters discover 100 Years of the Republic of Austria”, supported by KulturKontakt Austria.

On 12 December 2018 at 7:00 PM the podcast will be presented in the recently opened “Haus der Geschichte” together with 29 other outreach projects.

Listen to the podcast here

Helmut Schuster, script, speaking technique
Barbara Kaiser, script, recording technique, production
Veronika Grossberger, script, musical education