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The Secret Kingdom

Workshop with the integration class of the Paudorf Elementary School, 9–13 April 2018


Maria: I liked everything a lot. I was even able to be the Queen.
Gino: Making music in the church was beautiful.
Alexander: The best thing was the people’s uprising.
Ali: The speaking choir was the best.
Haroon: The thing I liked best was that we made a real film, and also the dancing was fun.
Michelle: A whole week of music was strenuous, but it was a lot of fun.
Sophie: It was simply great.

The favorable opinions voiced by the participating elementary school pupils matched our enthusiasm for the dance and video project that music educator Veronika Grossberger and choreographer Katherina Weinhuber, in cooperation with KulturKontakt Austria, developed together with the integration class 3a of the Paudorf Elementary School in April 2018. The project was honored under the auspices of “culture connected” 2017/2018 by the Federal Ministry of Education, Sciences, and Research, and was prizewinner at KulturKontakt Austria’s creativity competition “projekteuropa” 2018.

The Secret Kingdom, op. 50, is a fairy-tale opera by Ernst Krenek from 1927, which was adapted for children. The fairy-tale, which deals with the balance of power between the people and the king, was discussed and interpreted by the class. The pupils developed their own musical and dance sequences. This resulted in a mosaic of different scenes that culminated in a five-minute film.

Music education: Veronika Grossberger
Choreography, editing, and direction: Katharina Weinhuber
Camera: Mahir Yildiz

View the film here