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Modular Synthesizer Workshop, 29–31 January 2018


At the end of January, some sixty young people from three different schools attended a workshop by artist and electronic technician gammon in the Ernst Krenek Forum. The idea for this project arose on the occasion of the renovation of Ernst Krenek’s Buchla synthesizer: gammon provided ten modular synthesizers in order to create sounds and rhythmic patterns with the pupils, and to allow the music to be haptically experienced. In the course of becoming acquainted with the analogue synthesizers, the pupils could experiment with musical parameters such as dynamics and timbre. At the end of each workshop, a small piece of music was created.

In advance of the workshops for pupils, a synthesizer day for adults took place in the Ernst Krenek Forum, attended primarily by professionals in the field of electronics, in order to jointly make music with an instrument that is currently experiencing a revival.

Concert tip: on 24 May and 25 May 2018, the renovated modular synthesizer that belonged to Ernst Krenek can be heard in Krems and Vienna, respectively.

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