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New Release: Just a Motion on the Air

With works for viola and piano by Ernst Krenek and Schumann


The internationally renowned violist Tatjana Masurenko undertakes a rich-in-contrast comparison on her new CD in that she versatilely and impressively presents works by Krenek and Schumann in alternation; a contrast that is additionally intensified by the search for authenticity of tonal ideals and performance practice above all in the music of the nineteenth century. This is also reflected in the piano accompaniment: Schumann is played by Jens Elvekjaer on a historic Blüthner concert grand, Krenek by Gilad Katznelson on a modern Steinway. As different as the two composers may appear – the one in the romantic era, the other at home in the transformations of contemporary currents of the twentieth century – many parallels can be perceived between their artistic personalities; for example, their occasional self-therapeutic approach to composing, a conspicuous passion and talent for literary creativity, and also the well-developed instinct for combining speech and music in an artistic manner, which is to be recognized not least in the extensive art-song repertoires of the two musicians. In spite of all the differences, Tatjana Masurenko succeeds here in presenting Schumann and Krenek as two sides of the same the same coin, and in making Krenek’s rather unknown viola repertoire accessible. She dedicated the album to the memory of Gladys Nordenstrom Krenek, whose support contributed substantially to the appearance of this CD.

Tatjana Masurenko, viola
Jens Elvekjaer, piano
Gilad Katznelson, piano

Coviello Classics COV 91619