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11.01.2017 21:19 Age: 104 days

Roundtable: impuls festival 2017 / Graz, 13.2.

Boon and Bane of Music Publishers

In 1962 Ernst Krenek wrote in his article Verlegen, verlegt verlogen (a play on words with „verlegen“ – to publish and „verlogen“ – lying) about „a composer's experiences with his publishers“. Krenek’s own experiences were numerous, and his oeuvre is still scattered around about 20 different publishers in different countries.
What are the composers’ expectations? And what are the publishers’ obligations and possibilities? Does a composer actually need a publisher? Publishers, composers and presenters will discuss these questions, which seem to be more up-to-date than ever.

Discussion with
Frank Harders-Wuthenow, Boosey & Hawkes
Sarah Laila Standke, Universal Edition
Pierluigi Billone, composer

Antje Müller, moderation

February 13, 2017, 7.30pm
Leonhardstraße 15
8010 Graz

free admission
in English

impuls in cooperation with the Ernst Krenek Institute